Installation view

Installation view

Wang Rui: You weren't supposed to be able to get here you know

June 20, 2018 - July 20, 2018 | Opening: June 20, 2018, 6pm

A breeze from the cyber realm can either make you feel dazed or at ease. Dashing through the highway of information under the disguise of a virtual identity does not mean one can completely vanish amidst data and calculations. On the contrary, this journey creates new lives. A member of the new generation that grew up under the power of the Internet, Wang Rui chooses to live a balanced existence within this endless information, as she immersed herself in the novelty of surfing the Internet and embraced every true happening in reality with increased sincerity and sensitivity.
Negative consequences are obvious when one is connected, bodily and emotionally, to the Internet, as every search is marked by passive and predictable data, overindulged searching numbs our senses and the trapping of information blurs fiction and reality, but that does not prevent Wang Rui from pursuing and creating her own algorithm. “You weren’t supposed to be able to get here you know” is a slogan that the artist found online. Not being able to judge its authenticity, the slogan resembles a kind of reminder from a prophet, hinting at an unknown secret and the danger of exploring desire. The ever-changing cyber images become the artist’s way of observing and documenting the fragments of our space-time. In her solo exhibition at Salt Projects, Wang Rui takes a witty approach to construct a route for transformation of self-identity, emotion and desire, presenting her fresh perceptions of the real world based on her experiences in the cyber realm. 


2018年6月20日 - 2018年7月20日 | 开幕:2018年6月20日 6pm


当然,全身心地与网络连接有时也会造成消极的结果:当搜索都成为被动的可被预测的数据,当毫无节制的浏览造成了感官的疲倦与麻木,当信息的无限包裹让人无法分清现实与虚拟的边界因而迷失自己,但这并不妨碍身为艺术家的王芮寻找并创造自己的算法。“你本不能到达这里,你知道的”是艺术家在网络漫游中发现的一句墙体标语,其真假已经难以辨别,它像是来自先知的一次善意的提醒,暗示着不为人知的秘密以及探知的欲望及危险。不断更新与沉降的网络图像成为艺术家观察及存档现实时空碎片的方式,而此次在Salt Projects的个人项目中,王芮以轻盈而幽默的方式构建了网络世界中自我身份、情感与欲望的物质转化路径,呈现了她基于网络漫游而产生的对于真实世界的全新感知。 

王芮,艺术家,1989生于四川,现生活工作于上海。作品曾展于纽约YVE YANG画廊(2018),上海BANK画廊(2017),没顶画廊(2016),深圳新媒体艺术节(2016),北京A座307空间(2016)等。