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2018年4月15日 - 2018年6月2日
开幕:2018年4月15日 6-8pm 开幕表演 7pm


现在我们正如环境哲学家史蒂夫·沃果尔(Steven Vogel)在《如购物中心般思考》(Thinking Like a Mall)中提倡地一般抛开了人造与自然的二分论。在反对人工智能机器武器化的思潮下,以人工智能机器为基础的沉浸式绿化带来到我们身边。绿化带不再属于天空。漂浮在空中的大片仙人掌可以随时降落组合成加州风情的花园,人人都能在自己的房间里订上一片竹林。而进行绿化带建设的工程师却一直隐藏在城市漂浮的一片芦苇荡中……

艺术家覃小诗在Salt Projets的展览将通过表演,声音,装置和影像讲述未来绿化带的故事。

覃小诗,艺术家,1989年生于广州,现居广州。2015年毕业于哥伦比亚大学取得视觉艺术硕士学位。2012年于文理学院丹尼森大学取得艺术以及传播学本科双学位。作品曾展于北京泰康空间(2018),香港Para Site艺术空间(2017),纽约犹太艺术馆(2014),纽约皇后区艺术馆(2016),哥伦比亚大学沃伦斯画廊(2014),巴纳德学院(2016),加拿大221A画廊(2016),费舍兰得艺术中心(2015),Spring/Break艺术博览会(2016),上海《好景不常在》(比利安娜·思瑞克策展,2016),深圳OCAT(2017),首尔Weekend(2017)等,2017年在Para Site/Spring Workshop驻留。2015年获得Lotos基金会艺术家奖。现为艺术八卦杂志《无情灯》主编。

Vivian Vivian Xiaoshi Qin: Lv Hua Dai
April 15 - June 2, 2018
Opening: April 15, 2018, 6-8 pm  Performace 7 pm
No.4 Langjia Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing

In the year 2300 at the Shenzhen Hexiangning Art Museum, we reviewed the visual narrative styles and the historical evolution of Lv Hua Dai from 300 years ago. The mechanical reproduction of the Lv Hua Dai created geometric patterns that consisted of shrub A clusters around B, C, D... (from minimal to complex), in the forms of dragons, other types of animals, and phrases. Unlike the up-close and compounded landscaping rendered on the basis of the human body, the public Lv Hua Dai were designed for the sky, the flowers and foliage one saw from the window of a car are part of a greater narrative. At the time, the availability of public space in the air was quite limited.
In response to the environmental philosopher Steven Vogel’s proposal, “Thinking Like a Mall” to discard the dichotomy of the artificial and the natural, and the resistance to weaponize artificial intelligence, the immersive green belt based on AI machines came into our lives. Thereon, the Lv Hua Dai not only belong to the sky, but flocks of cacti floating in the air could land at any time into Californian style gardens, and anyone can order the sight of the bamboo forest for one’s room. Meanwhile, the engineers who built the Lv Hua Dai have been hiding behind the reeds above in the city…
Artist Xiaoshi Vivian Vivian Qin’s exhibition at Salt Projects will tell the tales of future Lv Hua Dai through performance, sound, installation and moving images. 

Xiaoshi Vivian Vivian Qin (b. 1989, Guangzhou) is an artist based in Guangzhou. In 2015, she earned an MFA in Visual Arts from Columbia University following a BA in Studio Art and Communication from Denison University in 2012. She has hosted high school debates on contemporary art world issues, designed a phone app to find alternate ways to talk about gender issues, organized meetings between scientists, artists, and philosophers to address the possibility that we live in a simulation, and organized a fictional panel that took place in the future. She is currently devoting her time to researching BL culture. 

Her work has been exhibited as part of In Search of Miss Ruthless (Para Site, Hong Kong, 2017), OCAT Shenzhen (2017), You Won't Be Young Forever curated by Biljana Ciric, Shanghai (2016), Queens Museum, New York (2016), Barnard College, New York (2016), Spring/Break Art Show, New York (2016), 221A, Vancouver (2015), Fisher Landau Center, Queens (2015), Jewish Museum, New York (2014), and Wallach Art Gallery, New York and Weekend, Seoul. Her work was projected on the Brooklyn Bridge, New York. She is a winner of the Lotos Foundation Prize in 2015. She did the Spring Workshop/ Para Site residency in 2017. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of Ruthless Lantern, a gossip art magazine.