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July 29th, 2017 7pm

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……One thing he criticized me for in particular is “lacking a wider persepective”! As he sees it, all clashes of religion, culture and history are basically conflicts of interest. So, if we could manage to mitigate conflicts of interest, then all would be headed on an unstoppable course towards the light. I think what he means by "light" is what profits people. But even from the simplest logic, his theory is less than perfect, because in his description of the future, there’s still people who are not happy about the arrangement he’s so pround of. For example, when the two of us were sitting across from each other at a long conference table in his office, me on one side and him on the other, even though the view outside the window was New Belgrade, I felt like there was no different at all to being in Beijing. From the perspective of social class, being from the mainstream of society he has a million reasons to critique me in a condescending manner—the sort of culture that supposedly guarantees a fine and optimistic future doesn't benefit each individual

……This year in Venice, at the opening ceremonies of a foundation, he suddenly turned to me and said, "You know, actually these white people all discriminate against Asians or Chinese, and it will never change—it's in their bones." When he finished he took a big swig of free champagne and continued, "But neither they will say so, nor you will bring it up, but you just know it." I was stunned after hearing his words, but I didn't know how can I reply to that—and before the sound of his voice had even faded, he had already ran over to a European museum director with a big grin on his face. It seems that they were having a nice chat.

……After you wrote about running into these frustrations with the "bank president”, I went to JD.com to look for books on One Belt One Road, and the selection was dizzying—every last angle delved into with astounding depth, each book is thicker than the last, research that had been carried out for years... There is a book,  a typical official one, whose author works at the Central Party School, and he started the research on OBOR since 2013. He said in the preface,"At the opening of a conference, there was a government official leader who offered a metaphorical image: China today stands at the center of the world stage, the spotlight shining on it; this image of China is like a person standing there in a suit, tie around his neck. He is carrying a sack, fulfilled of money. There is a microphone right in front of him —but he can't speak. This is to say, we need to enhance our ability to effectively disseminate OBOR internationally." I feel like that the only situation as a whole that I participated is this collective inability to speak.

About the Lecturers

Guo Juan (b. 1984) is a writer based in Taipei.

Li Ran (b. 1986) was born in Hubei, China. He graduated with BFA from the Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2009 and now lives and works in Beijing. 

Hao Jingban (b. 1985) currently lives and works in Beijing. She graduated from Goldsmiths College, London, with a Bachelor’s in Media and Communication (2007) and from University of London with a Master’s in Film Studies (2010). 


2017年7月29日 7pm

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……今年在威尼斯的时候,就在某个基金会的开幕上,他突然侧过头和我说,“其实所有白人骨子里都很歧视亚洲人或者中国人的,这是肯定的不会变的,这是他们骨子里的。”说完他周了一大口免费香槟,接着他说,“但是她们表面上绝对不会说的,你也不能提,但是你就是知道。” 听完这话我心里惊愕了一下,但是我真的不知道怎么回复他,而在话音还没有落地之前,他已经笑嘻嘻的跑到了边上某个欧洲美术馆总监身边亲热地聊了起来。
……你说了遭遇“行长”的挫败之后,我去京东搜了下“一带一路”的书,多得让人眼花缭乱,各个角度切入的,一本比一本厚,研究已经进行了多年…… 某本很官方的书,作者在中央党校工作,他从2013年开始组织研究“一带一路”,在自序里他说:“有一位领导在开会时打了一个形象的比喻,今天中国站在世界舞台的中央,聚光灯打在中国身上,中国的形象好比一个人,穿着西装,打着领带,但身上背着麻袋,麻袋里都是钱,对着麦克风却不会讲话。因此,我们要切实提升‘一带一路’的国际传播能力。”我想,我参与的最全局性的事件就是集体失语吧。