Shen Xin: The non-hermetic
March 18th, 2017  9:00pm

To examine the ever complicated forms of narcissism, is to leave no stone unturned. This public event lead by Shen Xin will share the process of looking into varieties of de-westernizing and decolonial forces in their intimate forms reflected in daily life. If power is both desired and a sign of danger, how to occupy these ever growing positions of empowerment, and to resist the production of auto-fiction and personhood that mimics the production of dominance? The non-hermetic alludes to the open stage where the lights are being shed on from the powerful and the powerless, whilst aware of its nature of being staged.

Shen Xin (Born 1990, Chengdu) lives and works in London. Shen Xin’s practice engages with moving image and event. In her works the aspect of time, the time of making and watching, constructs opportunities to render present the unrepresentable, the indigestible and the irrelevant. These subjects are looked at through examining the techniques and effects of circulations in socio-political power structures. For Shen, to dismantle the structures that dominate is to commit to the complexity of generating reflexiveness in the works, of how emotions, judgments and ethics circulate through individual and collective subjects. 

Her recent solo presentations include "Strongholds", Lychee One, London (2017); "Originally Inclusive", CFCCA, Manchester (2016); "At Home", Surplus Space, Wuhan (2016); "Forms Escape: Prologue", Chisenhale Gallery, London (2016); "Shoulders of Giants", Senate House, London (2015). She recently participated in group shows "The New Normal", UCCA, Beijing (2017); "Three Rooms", CAC, Shanghai (2017); "Dragon Liver Phoenix Brain", OCAT, Shanghai (2016); "You Won’t Be Young Forever", 235 Guangfu Road, Shanghai (2016).  


2017年3月18日 9:00pm




近期的个人项目包括:“据点”,荔枝一号,伦敦(2017);“原本包容”,CFCCA,曼彻斯特(2016);“在家”,剩余空间,武汉(2016);“形态脱逃:序”,Chisenhale 画廊,伦敦(2016);“巨人的肩膀”,伦敦议会大楼(2015)。她近期参与的群展包括:“例外状态”,UCCA,北京(2017);“龙肝凤脑”,OCAT,上海(2016);“信息雕塑公路”,没顶画廊,上海(2016)等。