Wang Tuo: The Monkey Grammarian
May 20th, 2017 7pm

Artist Wang Tuo and poet Wang Wei will be having a conversation. Destructive endeavours such as text reconstruction, narrative syntax, and concept producing will be approached within the sphere of the artist’s practice. The duo’s designed dialogues act like a performative framework, in which linguistic interpretation of visual arts becomes visible, readable, and audible, padding into the skeleton of the framework. Interpreted with different objects and read in altered contexts, the dialogue will be overlaid by its historical experiences each time.

By intertwining unscripted lived experiences as told by ordinary people with the dramatised archive of predetermined situations performed by actors, Wang’s artistic practice reveals the unstable relationship between the contemporary circumstances of human beings and their cultural heritage. Based on references to existing archives (including literature, film,drama, and art history), his work constructs a maze of melodrama with multilayered narratives – presenting humorous yet dramatic components of contemporary society through the lens of absurdity.The artist focuses on how artificial concepts and ideologies are derived from their historical contexts, and how they adapt to the constantly shifting social conditions.
About the artist

Bornin Changchun, China in 1984, Wang Tuo currently lives and works in New York and Beijing. He is a 2015-2017 artist-in-residence at the Queens Museum in New York. In 2007, he graduated from the Biology Department at Northeast Normal University, Changchun. He then obtained his MA in Painting from Tsinghua University, Beijing in 2012. In 2014, he graduated from the School of Visual Art at Boston University with an MFA in Painting. His recent exhibitions include “Nine”, Queens Museum, New York, USA (2017); “A Little Violence of Organized Forgetting”, Taikang Space, Beijing, China (2016); “Nadim Abbas &Tuo Wang – Only the Lonely”, inCube Arts,New York, USA (2016); “The Real Thing”, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts,Taichung City (2015); “Peekskill Project VI”, Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, Peekskill, USA (2015); Tirana International Film Festival, TEN Multimedia Center, Tirana, Albania (2015); “Re-make/Re-build/Re-stage”, VoxPopuli, Aux Performance Center, Philadelphia, USA (2015).

About the guest

Wang Wei (b.1975) is a poet, critic and playwright basedin Beijing. His works include the collections of poetry, Gulliver in Middle Asiaand The Behemoth Moment; verse dramas “Han Fei and Li Si”, “Roman vonUngern-Sternberg” and“Mao Zedong”, and a collection of literary criticism, Modern Writers, etc.


2017年5月20日 7pm

“文本停驻于支撑它的结构之上。文本是可见的,可读的,骨架却是看不见的……相对于文本来说,结构是常数,对于阅读来说,文本是常数。文本总是同一个,但在每次阅读里又各不相同。每一次阅读都是一个有日期的经验,通过文本否定历史,通过否定又重新被插入历史。” ——摘自奥克塔维奥·帕斯《弓与琴》


王拓,1984年出生于长春,现工作生活于纽约与北京,目前为纽约皇后美术馆2015至2017年度驻馆艺术家。2007年毕业于东北师范大学生物学系,2012年获得清华大学美术学院绘画系硕士学位,2014年获得波士顿大学视觉艺术学院绘画系美术硕士学位。近期展览包括:“九”,皇后美术馆,纽约,美国(2017);“失忆事典”,泰康空间,北京,中国(2016);“唐纳天&王拓 – Only the Lonely”,inCube Arts,纽约,美国(2016);“一场关于真实的导览”,国立台湾美术馆,台中(2015);“Peekskill Project VI”,Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art,皮克斯基尔,美国(2015);“Tirana International Film Festival”,TEN Multimedia Center,地拉那,阿尔巴尼亚(2015);“Re-make/Re-build/Re-stage”,Vox Populi,费城,美国(2015)。