May 22, 2016  3pm

"Playground" is a collaborative work of Li Haiguang and Zhang Yunfeng, evolving through conflicts, confrontation, competition, ambiguous moments and game playing between two artists' bodies. The artists' exploration on specific movements departs from campus playground to general places, where they extend the concept of movement to all possible body and mind activities. Meanwhile, the different physiques and personalities of two artists attribute to their constantly changing relationship. 

Li Haiguang was born in 1989, Hunan. Graduated from Xinjin Arts Institute in 2012, he lives in the suburbs of Beijng. 

Zhang Yunfeng was born in 1988, Henan. Zhang moved to Xinjiang with his family in 1992. Graduated from Central Academcy of Fine Arts in 2016, he lives in the suburbs of Beijing.