Vivian Vivian Xiaoshi Qin: Lv Hua Dai

Opening Performance: April 15, 2018 7 pm

In the year 2300 at the Shenzhen Hexiangning Art Museum, we reviewed the visual narrative styles and the historical evolution of Lv Hua Dai from 300 years ago. The mechanical reproduction of the Lv Hua Dai created geometric patterns that consisted of shrub A clusters around B, C, D... (from minimal to complex), in the forms of dragons, other types of animals, and phrases. Unlike the up-close and compounded landscaping rendered on the basis of the human body, the public Lv Hua Dai were designed for the sky, the flowers and foliage one saw from the window of a car are part of a greater narrative. At the time, the availability of public space in the air was quite limited.
In response to the environmental philosopher Steven Vogel’s proposal, “Thinking Like a Mall” to discard the dichotomy of the artificial and the natural, and the resistance to weaponize artificial intelligence, the immersive green belt based on AI machines came into our lives. Thereon, the Lv Hua Dai not only belong to the sky, but flocks of cacti floating in the air could land at any time into Californian style gardens, and anyone can order the sight of the bamboo forest for one’s room. Meanwhile, the engineers who built the Lv Hua Dai have been hiding behind the reeds above in the city…
Artist Xiaoshi Vivian Vivian Qin’s exhibition at Salt Projects will tell the tales of future Lv Hua Dai through performance, sound, installation and moving images. 

Xiaoshi Vivian Vivian Qin (b. 1989, Guangzhou) is an artist based in Guangzhou. In 2015, she earned an MFA in Visual Arts from Columbia University following a BA in Studio Art and Communication from Denison University in 2012. She has hosted high school debates on contemporary art world issues, designed a phone app to find alternate ways to talk about gender issues, organized meetings between scientists, artists, and philosophers to address the possibility that we live in a simulation, and organized a fictional panel that took place in the future. She is currently devoting her time to researching BL culture. 

Her work has been exhibited as part of In Search of Miss Ruthless (Para Site, Hong Kong, 2017), OCAT Shenzhen (2017), You Won't Be Young Forever curated by Biljana Ciric, Shanghai (2016), Queens Museum, New York (2016), Barnard College, New York (2016), Spring/Break Art Show, New York (2016), 221A, Vancouver (2015), Fisher Landau Center, Queens (2015), Jewish Museum, New York (2014), and Wallach Art Gallery, New York and Weekend, Seoul. Her work was projected on the Brooklyn Bridge, New York. She is a winner of the Lotos Foundation Prize in 2015. She did the Spring Workshop/ Para Site residency in 2017. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of Ruthless Lantern, a gossip art magazine.

Hossein Ghaemi: Enter at the intermission 

April 29, 2017 6-8pm


Curated by Joanna Bayndrian
Presented by Salt Projects

Australian artist Hossein Ghaemi's first performance in China, Enter at the intermission transforms Salt Projects' shopfront into a surreal, theatrical environment, encouraging playful interactions between performers, costumes, space, set and audience. 

Centring around a makeshift alter, Ghaemi assumes the role of conductor of an improvised ritual featuring a cast of unnamed characters, figures of the unconscious and folds of the self that expand and contract into multiple configurations.     

Enter at the intermission comprises three parts: Act One, Intermission and Act Two. 

Ghaemi's costumes are all handmade by his mum in Sydney. 
Hossein Ghaemi is represented by The Commercial Gallery, Sydney, Australia 

Hossein Ghaemi (b. 1985, Tehran) presents surreal scenarios via real and imaginary characters. Secrecy and the unconscious, theatricality and mysticism operate as veiling elements in his paintings, sculptures, installations and performances.

Since 2009, Ghaemi has developed an impressive series of surreal performance works that employ choirs for which he creates a score, abstract libretto as well as full costuming, styling and choreographing of singers. 

Ghaemi was selected for Primavera 2014: Young Australian Artists at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, his first major exhibition in a public institution.

In 2010, Ghaemi completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) at Sydney College of the Arts, The University of Sydney. Since then he has actively exhibited principally in artist-run-initiatives in Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart and developed performances for festivals and arts programs in Sydney and Melbourne. Solo exhibitions (excluding performances) include WIDE BLUE YONDER AND THE ALMIGHTY HOOF (a painting show!) at The Commercial Gallery, Sydney (2014); a temporary outdoor sculpture, Bush Node and the Second Fiddle, for the artist-run public art program, Plinth Projects, in Melbourne's Edinburgh Gardens (2014); Spirit Awl Hickey, Vox Talent / Crest of the Pious Hex-dump! at The Commercial Gallery, Sydney (2013).

Chatting Room

August 26-28, 2016 2-6pm


Chatting Room addresses on contemporary health issues and concept of being socially acceptable. The artist will transform the gallery into a chatting room and offer free conversation-based therapy for visitors.

Tingwei Li is a Chinese born artist based in Berlin, having recently worked in Beijing. She studied at Hunter College, UdK Berlin and is currently pursuing a Meisterschueler title at the Berlin University of Arts. She has shown in Galerie Gerken Berlin, Villa Renata Basel, EGG Gallery Beijing, chi K11, Shanghai, Intelligentsia Gallery Beijing, Kreuzberg Pavillon Berlin, Flowers Gallery NYC among others.



August 21-23, 2016 2-6pm


Liu Yefu and Yufei produce podcasts of artist conversations since early 2016. By creating a physical space where multiple layers of conversations and times intertwine and overlap, Empty_FM radiates the intimate signals from a young artist community.

Yefu Liu received his MFA from MICA, MD. His practice involves multiple medium including video, sound, performance and photography. He has been exhibited in Yuz Museum, Shanghai(2016), Magician-Space, Beijing(2016), 33Space, Shenzhen(2016), Kimberly-Klark, Queens(2015), Vox Populi, Philadelphia(2014).

Zhang Yufei was born in 1985, Beijing. Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute with a bachelor ́s degree in 2006, Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute with a master ́s degree in 2014. He currently works and lives in Beijing.

Feed Chicken: Welcome

July 30, 2016 4pm


“Welcome” is a “‘reading’ room” of daily-life/internet-found imageries organized by Tenten. To watch, to sense, to scroll, to touch, to sit, to dance are welcomed. At the opening performance, Feed Chicken is going to bring music and real-time projection of laptop screen. 

Feed Chicken is a performance duo founded by Tenten Yitian Yan and Jing Yu, mainly exploring sound and image improvisation, blurring the boundary in music and performance art.

Tenten Yitian Yan (1010) was raised in 1990s Shenzhen, received her BFA in photography at SVA, 2015, and currently works in New York. Tenten’s work focused on motion and language expression in the flow of real and cyber life, creating spaces for sense exchange.

Jing Yu, audio engineer, musician and artist. Her performance experiences includes Modern Sky Festival (2013), Xihu Music Festival (2010, 2014), Woodwires Music Festival (2012); recent sound projects exhibited on ISEA 2016, Maker Fair NYC 2015. Jing currently studies in New York.

Zhang Yunfeng & Li Haiguang: Playground

May 22, 2016 3pm


"Playground" is a collaborative work of Li Haiguang and Zhang Yunfeng, evolving through conflicts, confrontation, competition, ambiguous moments and game playing between two artists' bodies. The artists' exploration on specific movements departs from campus playground to general places, where they extend the concept of movement to all possible body and mind activities. Meanwhile, the different physiques and personalities of two artists attribute to their constantly changing relationship. 

Li Haiguang was born in 1989, Hunan. Graduated from Xinjin Arts Institute in 2012, he lives in the suburbs of Beijng. 

Zhang Yunfeng was born in 1988, Henan. Zhang moved to Xinjiang with his family in 1992. Graduated from Central Academcy of Fine Arts in 2016, he lives in the suburbs of Beijing. 

William Wen: Height

May 21, 2016 6:30pm


"Height" is Wen's interpretation of the modern human state. As individuals strive to reach their goals and personal heights, little do we know that we have created a prison in which everyone acts as both prisoner and guard. 

William Wen was born in the United States and raised in Beijing, Wen graduated from NYU Tisch school of the Arts in 2014. Wen now works as a filmmaker, stage actor and artist in Beijing.