Feed Chicken: Welcome
July 30-Aug 6, 2016
Opening: July 30 4pm

“Welcome” is a “‘reading’ room” of daily-life/internet-found imageries organized by Tenten. To watch, to sense, to scroll, to touch, to sit, to dance are welcomed. At the opening performance, Feed Chicken is going to bring music and real-time projection of laptop screen. 

Feed Chicken is a performance duo founded by Tenten Yitian Yan and Jing Yu, mainly exploring sound and image improvisation, blurring the boundary in music and performance art.

Tenten Yitian Yan (1010) was raised in 1990s Shenzhen, received her BFA in photography at SVA, 2015, and currently works in New York. Tenten’s work focused on motion and language expression in the flow of real and cyber life, creating spaces for sense exchange.

Jing Yu, audio engineer, musician and artist. Her performance experiences includes Modern Sky Festival (2013), Xihu Music Festival (2010, 2014), Woodwires Music Festival (2012); recent sound projects exhibited on ISEA 2016, Maker Fair NYC 2015. Jing currently studies in New York.