Covey Gong:Cherry

September 7 - October 21, 2018 | Opening: September 7, 6 pm

"...The wind came through the window, and the long lacquer mirror carved with palindromic verse hanging opposite swayed in the wind and knocked and knocked and struck against the wall. Qi Qiao held the mirror in both hands to steady it. The green bamboo screen and a set of green and gold landscape paintings on scrolls reflected in the mirror hung as before, rippling to and fro in the wind. After looking at the mirror for some time, it would give one a sort of seasick feeling. Upon fixing one's gaze on it again, the color of the green bamboo screen is different, the green and gold landscape now swapped for a portrait of her deceased husband, the person in the mirror aged ten years.”

—Eileen Chang, The Golden Cangue

Covey Gong's work focuses on the grain property of fabric and its corresponding emotional symbolism. In his solo exhibition “Cherry” at SaltProjects, Gong takes details such as mounting and presentation of painting in Chinese and western art history as his subject of inquiry, revealing the labor and thinking behind personal hopes and expectations that are often neglected yet strongly present in the making of art. On site, the precious velvet curtain serves as a metaphor of abstract painting as well as softens the blunt, clumsy wall surface, turning it into a sort of dramatic field, while the soft, delicate, frail fabric sculpture floating through it is like the emotions of imagination embodied, reconstructing a rich and complex inner world, as well as responding to the entire spacetime. 


2018年9月7日 - 2018年10月21日 | 开幕:9月7日 6 pm



龚柯维的创作关注于织物的纹理特性以及对应的情感象征。在此次Salt Projects的个展《樱桃》中,龚柯维以中、西绘画的装裱、展示方式等艺术史的细枝末节作为探讨的对象,显现艺术创作中常常被忽视却饱含个人期许的劳作和思考。展览中,作为隐喻抽象绘画的贵重丝绒布帘将空间直白、笨拙的墙面软化为一种戏剧性场域,而漂游其中的柔软、精致、脆弱的织物雕塑如同多许情感的想象化身,再现了一个复杂、丰富的心灵世界以及其对应的整个时空。