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Yanyan Huang: Cloud Tempo

November 4 - December 10, 2017 | Opening: November 4, 2017 4pm

A recurring force comes into existence in Yanyan Huang's painting. Within the world constructed by these gestural forces, superficial intellectual games appear awkward, absurd, and ineffective. From beginning to end, life is the vehicle that ignites thinking—not the reverse—which acts in a pas-de-deux with our reality. Intellectual anxiety turns into anxiety about the death of our existence and the existence of time itself. Through her repetitive and ever-altering process, Huang falls deep into immeasurable and placeless Time, to restore beauty and recover the poetics of life. Her work acts as evidence and maps to contemporality—they shape an unconscious view of time and become Time-itself.

Born 1988 in Sichuan, China, Yanyan Huang is based between Beijing, New York, Los Angeles, and Florence. Deriving influence from a range of cultures and locales, her work maps out an complex array of geographies, identities, and relationships. Recent solo shows include “Nebbia del Tempo” at Ibid Gallery (Los Angeles, 2017), “Giardino del Tempo”at Tomorrow Gallery (New York, NY) and “Ex Silentio” at CURA’s Basement Roma (Rome, Italy), both in 2016.


2017.11.4 -2017.12.10 | 开幕:2017.11.4 4pm