Installation View

Installation View

Chang Yuchen: A Fine Art Show (Beauty is Truth.)

September 10- October 8, 2017 | Opening: September 10, 4pm

The modest quality of Chang Yuchen's works can be understood as a calm sort of guise. Making use of the natural tendencies of the qualities of the material, or of smaller works, she takes delight in repeating the simplicity of the form and image. In her work, Chang Yuchen seemingly tries to construct the sentiment of an exploratory sketch, and simultaneously view the production of the image in opposing ways. The scope of this exhibition perfectly suits and brings together the artist's recent work and thinking. In her works, the predominant visual perception is of lights and darks gradually shifting and light and shadow pulsing, which makes us step forth in our understanding of the foundation anew: if one were to say "capital = the body" has become an evil practice of modern culture that we just can't shake, then can't revisiting the sketch, which was once an ideology inseparably entwined with practice, open up a deeper exploration into the history of aesthetics?

Chang Yuchen (b.1989, China) graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (MFA) in 2013 and Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing (BFA) in 2011. She currently lives between New York and Beijing. Yuchen’s works have been exhibited internationally. Her solo shows include Barbaric Poetry at Between Art Lab (Beijing) and Snake and Others at Fou Gallery (New York), and has participated in group shows at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (New York), Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, San Francisco Center for the Book, Boston University Art Gallery, Today Art Museum (Beijing), and CAFA Museum (Beijing), among others. She has given lectures and performed at Salt Projects (Beijing), Momenta Art (New York) and Printed Matter Inc. (New York). Her works can be found in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art Library (New York) and Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection (Chicago), among others. Yuchen is the recipient of Luminarts Fellowship in 2012. Starting fall 2017, she will be one of the artists-in-residence at the Textile Arts Center (New York). She is also a Sales Assistant at Printed Matter Inc. and the founder of


2017年9月10日-10月8日 | 开幕:2017年9月10日 4pm


常羽辰(b. 1989, 中国山西)2013年取得芝加哥艺术学院的硕士学位,2011年取得中央美术学院的学士学位,现生活在纽约与北京两地。常羽辰的个展包括《野蛮诗歌》(Between艺术实验室,北京,2013)和《蛇与其他》(否画廊,纽约,2011)。她曾参加伊丽莎白艺术基金会(纽约)、京都市立美术馆 、旧金山艺术家书中心、波士顿大学美术馆、今日美术馆(北京)、中央美术学院美术馆(北京)等机构的群展。她曾在Salt Projects (北京)、Momenta Art(纽约)和Printed Matter Inc.( 纽约)表演及讲座。她的作品被现代艺术博物馆图书馆(纽约)和Joan Flasch艺术家书中心(芝加哥)等机构收藏。常羽辰是2012年Lumiarts艺术基金的获奖者。2017年秋天起她将参加纽约纺织艺术中心为期九个月的驻留项目。常羽辰同时也是Printed Matter Inc.的售货员以及usevalue.work的创办者