Art Angel Alliance is an advertisement brand launched by Salt Projects, in collab- oration with curator Frida Li. Through artist ad commission, broadcasting on major art media and small scale collecting, AAA showcases artist ad as the mediating factor within the art circuits. Meanwhile, we aim at revealing the inequalities situate in-between artist labor and capital flow.
Free labor! Free love! -Art Angel Alliance

艺术天使联盟(Art Angel Alliance)是由Salt Projects发起的广告品牌,策展人 Frida Li是我们现阶段的合作伙伴。通过委任艺术家创作广告、投放广告至艺术媒 体以及低成本收藏等形式,我们将艺术家广告作为可视化艺术世界信息内部流通 的显现因子。同时,我们希望强调艺术工作者薪资的不公平待遇。