Distribution Assembly East


Distribution Assembly East (DAE) is a conversation and spontaneous convening of independent publishers, publication-making artists and distributors working in, with, and throughout the ‘East.’

DAE's first presentation, "On Our Own Disappearance," begins with a contradiction: challenging the geopolitical framework set up for ourselves by working in the East and Southeast Asia regions. Through the small realms of independent print, the margin by which we thrive, we consider the dissipation of borders by writing some new definitions of cohabitation and alliance.

The selection of publications featured here — some our own, some from others — have been curated on the simple premise of 'Disappearance' and what this means in the context of 1) border-defined identity politics, 2) contemporary urban sociopolitical phenomena, and/or 3) the precariousness of self-organized practices, spaces and collectives.

There is a contradiction at work here – in the dispersals of distribution, the gatherings of assembly... and what of the East?

This assembly of DAE is presented by 八家Bajia, 展銷場 Display Distribute, Salt Projects and Sponge Gourd Collective.


“Danger, Desire & Dialect” Publication

Danger, Desire & Dialect” is an ongoing lecture-performance series initiated by Salt Projects. We chose the three keywords to acknowledge the current situation and take an active position while intervening the dilemmas of historical loop. Danger is a social and political context that could fail, lead to damage, which the art ecology and art workers could suffer at anytime. In a deeper sense, it is also to explore and pursue the other side of safe. Desire is about to offer fulfilment or pleasure of matters or in the subconsciousness. As a long-term focus of Salt Projects, we would more likely to see it as an inspiration for living and creating. Dialect is a language that differs from standard pronunciation and only used among a specific area or community. It is what we want to hear, also to underline the local methodology and personal experience.


Commonplace Issue 1

Commonplace is a pocket size magazine dedicated to presenting new artist writing. Its first Issue Disappearance featured writings from Lin Ke, Xiao Hanqiu, Trevor Yeung, Yu Feifei, Wong Ping, Richard Kuan, Song Ta and Cheng Xinyi, with editorial works from Yuan Fuca, Li Bowen and Miao Zijin. Book Design by He Rongkai. Published by Salt Projects.

《Commonplace》是一本口袋杂志,旨在出版艺术家写作。第一期《失踪》刊登了林科、萧涵秋、杨沛铿、于霏霏、黄炳、管钧、宋拓和程心怡的文章,和富源、李博文和缪子衿的编者言。本书由贺荣凯设计,Salt Projects出版。


Wild Magic Salt Solution

From 2pm to 4pm on 29 May 2017, UCCA presents “UCCA x Wild Magic Salt Solution: Screening Series,” as part of a range of public programs related to the Center’s current group exhibition “The New Normal: China, Art, and 2017.” The screening features experimental videos and films by Laura Parnes, Francis Alÿs, Patty Chang, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Deborah Stratman, and Su Yu-Hsien, marking the China premiere of several titles in this selection. The screening offers entry points and ruptures that together give insight into a diverse array of time-based practices from around the world. From an intimate DIY community of underground musicians and performers from New York City; a city lit up by burning flames in the darkness; an endurance performance that unsettles a balance between states of arousal and discomfort; to an text-based online narrative interrogating the malleability and vacuity of commercial signifiers. They reveal the prescience of practices sensitive to our experience of globalisation and the interwoven networks defining ways of living within this migratory flow of images. The screening will then be followed by a conversation between members of WMSS (Wild Magician Salt Solution), including Liu Yefu (“The New Normal” participating artist), Yuan Fuca (Salt Projects co-founder), and Howie Chen & Andrew Lampert (C&L).